While there is no “cure” for Down syndrome, experts consider it a treatable condition. The great improvement in health care has drastically changed the lives of individuals with Down syndrome. Through the caring innovation of medical professionals, the typical lifespan of an individual with Down syndrome now approaches the average for all people. Equally important, advancements in cardiology, nutrition, the behavioral sciences and so much more have opened a high quality of life for most if not all people with Down syndrome.

Currently there are many clinical trials and research being done to improve the health of individuals with Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation is an example of one organization working towards this goal. Their mission is to “to stimulate biomedical research that will accelerate the development of treatments to significantly improve cognition, including memory, learning and speech, for individuals with Down syndrome in order that they:

  • participate more successfully in school;
  • lead more active and independent lives;
  • and avoid the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Check back here to find other studies and organizations who are diligently working to better the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

Lumind Foundation

Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

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