Buddy Walk®2017

EveryBUDDY is a Superhero! We are so excited to bring you all our 13th Annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, October 21st from 9AM to 1PM. Be sure to stick around after the walk to see our amazing self advocates perform in a talent show! We look forward to seeing you all there!! Please contact the office at 575.622.10.99 or buddywalk@dsfsenm.org if you have any questions at all! Click HERE to register today!

What a great year this turned out to be! We couldn’t have been happier with how our 12th Annual Buddy Walk® turned out. We raised over $50,000 and had about 1000 show up to party and celebrate with our families of those with Down syndrome! WOW!! Thank you to each and everyone of you that worked hard to raise money for this cause. Thank you to all of our sponsors that donated and supported. We could not have pulled this off with out ANY of you! All of your hard work will help the Down Syndrome Foundation continue in its efforts to raise awareness and advocate for individuals with Down syndrome. All of the money raised will help the foundation to continue to provide speech therapy, summer camps, cooking classes, socials, and workshops that our community so desperately needs. Our goal here at the Down Syndrome Foundation is to make every possible effort to help those with Down syndrome reach any goal they set forth and to provide their families with opportunities and resources to advocate for themselves and grow. Again thank you, thank you, thank you! We look forward to the next Buddy Walk® and working with all of you again!!!