Board of Directors

Libbie Sills, President Libbie has served on the board of the DSF since 2011. After working at a camp for children with disabilities as a teen, she developed a passion to help individuals with disabilities reach their dreams. After moving to Roswell and becoming friends with a family whose little girl had Down syndrome, Libbie’s connections to the DSF were established. She helped plan and host the 2009 SENM Buddy Walk® and many walks since. “I love the families we help,” she says, “I love that we can spread the love of children with Down syndrome. God made us all different and we need to be reminded that kindness goes a long way!”

Peter Stover, Vice President Care coordinator at United Health Care is on this 7th year as a board member. “As a social worker, I appreciate all the education and outreach that is accomplished by the Down Syndrome Foundation of SENM.”

Joelle Johnston, Secretary “I love being part of an organization that focuses on the needs of these special children and people – just seeing the joy on their faces!” Joelle puts in so much more than keeping minutes and attending meetings. She often volunteers at the office just to be around the advocates we serve!

Carol Cunningham, Treasurer Treasurer and office bookkeeper, Carol serves the DSF with extraordinary generosity. Often she will schedule her bookkeeping days when she knows there will be self-advocates in the office for speech therapy. “Who couldn’t use an extra hug or two? These sweet kids are full of them!”

Robert “Bob” Bean While managing Roadrunner Ranches, Mr. Bean is putting in his 4th year as a board member. “I so enjoy the kids… watching them find their talents – wow.”

Mike Romero Store manager at AT&T, Mike is more than a board member, he is a parent. His son, Andrew, has Down syndrome. Having a parent as a board member is so helpful when it comes to understanding how to better service our families. “It really is amazing, the love shown to all with disabilities… it means a lot to our family.”